Litigation and Dispute Resolution

“Litigation” means more than just lawsuits and trials.  It means finding the best way to resolve a dispute – whether through amicable negotiation or, when necessary, aggressive prosecution of or defense against a lawsuit.  In my practice, I regularly engage in all types of dispute resolution, and I have the experience and tenacity to engage the opposing side in all aspects of the litigation process, from the filing of the complaint, through depositions, discovery and motion practice, all the way to trial, judgment and beyond.  Examples of some of the litigation and dispute resolution matters I have handled include:

Real Estate and Construction Disputes

  • Representation of contractor in litigation to recover progress payments under home renovation contract
  • Defense of contractor against claims that substandard construction caused additional real and personal property damage
  • Representation of co-owner of real property involved in action for judicial partition
  • Defense of homeowners against neighbor’s claim for adverse possession of portion of homeowners’ land
  • Representation of commercial development company in litigation against prime and sub contractors
  • Representation of real estate brokerage firm and individual brokers in litigation and administrative proceedings concerning alleged mishandling of residential real estate sales
  • Counseling of homeowner in litigation against home inspector alleged to have prepared faulty inspection
  • Defense of national bank as trustee for funds allegedly subject to attachment under materialman’s liens
  • Various representations of lessors and lessees in commercial and residential lease disputes

Debt Collection

  • Representation of debt collection firm in numerous commercial account collection matters
  • Representation of two national banks in various lawsuits to recover for loan defaults
  • Representation of building supply company in numerous consumer and commercial collection matters
  • Representation of medical imaging company in proceedings to confirm and enforce arbitration award

Breach of Contract/Commercial Litigation

  • Representation of high-end men’s fashion company in dispute with vendor over vendor’s provision of substandard goods
  • Representation of vacuum cleaner manufacture in breach of contract litigation against supplier of defective component parts
  • Defense of sub-contractor accused by prime contractor of failing to meet contractual performance targets
  • Representation of U.S. telecommunications company suing Spanish telecommunications company for breach of contract to build fiber optic cable lines
  • Representation of manufacturer of industrial foam products in litigation to enforce breach of contract judgment

Employment Disputes

  • Representation of fashion designer and company founder in federal and state court litigation and AAA arbitration against her company and its new owners alleging breaches of her employment agreement
  • Representation of swimsuit designer and company president in negotiations concerning departure from company and participation in ongoing investigation of company by the S.E.C. and several states’ attorneys general.
  • Representation of I.T. professional in wrongful termination litigation against international investment banking firm
  • Representation of company seeking to enforce non-compete and confidentiality agreements against terminated employee
  • Defense of company against workers’ compensation claim for injury and wrongful death
  • Representation of company during inquiry by U.S. Dept. of Justice and NYS Dept. of Labor into alleged misuse of retirement account funds

Banking and Finance Disputes

  • Representation of  a commercial finance company in litigation concerning equipment lease and finance contract defaults
  • Representation of a national bank in various litigation matters including loan defaults and collections, maritime seizures and challenges to the bank’s response to a warrant to search a safety deposit box
  • Representation of a major now-bankrupt international company suing a consortium of banks alleged to have facilitated fraudulent transactions that led to the company’s collapse
  • Representation of national bank in residential mortgage foreclosure litigation
  • Representation of national tax lien purchaser in lien foreclosure litigation

Representation of Foreign Sovereign Governments & Related Entities

  • Representation of the Central Bank of the Republic of Colombia in litigation against a U.S. bank alleged to have mismanaged the country’s foreign reserves invested in a securities lending program
  • Representation of the Grenada Airports Authority, Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority, Grenada National Water and Sewage Authority, and Grenada Ports Authority in litigation seeking vacatur of restraining notices placed on their assets by a Taiwanese bank seeking to enforce a judgment against the government of Grenada

Product Liability/Personal Injury

  • Defense of various manufacturers of asbestos-containing products in product liability lawsuits
  • Representation of pharmaceutical manufacturer in product liability lawsuits concerning injuries allegedly sustained from diet drug use
  • Representation of firearms manufacturer in product liability lawsuits concerning allegedly defectively manufactured and/or designed firearms
  • Defense of a national paper products and printing company in suits by employees injured on plant equipment
  • Representation of manufacturer of industrial air-handling unit in design defect/personal injury suit

Securities Litigation

  • Representation of a public company in a FINRA investigation and merger-related class action shareholder litigation
  • Representation of public pension fund suing hedge fund for securities fraud in relation to multi-million dollar portfolio losses

Bankruptcy Litigation

  • Representation of “Big 4” Accounting firm retained as professional advisor to debtor in numerous Chapter 11 bankruptcies
  • Representation of investment bank and individual bankers retained by debtors-in-possession to seek out and implement DIP financing
  • Defense of numerous creditors in adversary proceedings seeking recovery of preferential and fraudulent transfers
  • Representation of bankrupt airline in conjunction with distribution to creditors of proceeds of litigation settlement
  • Representation of creditors in bankruptcy seeking adequate protection payments
  • Representation of creditors challenging debtor’s attempts to discharge debt