General Practice

Individuals and businesses often have need of the service of an attorney in conjunction with a variety of matters that fall within my general practice expertise.  In addition to my primary litigation practice, I represent clients with respect to the following matters:

Real Estate Closings

I represent individuals and businesses in both residential and commercial real estate transactions.  Whether you or your company are involved as buyers or sellers, having an attorney to represent you in the transaction and at the closing is extremely important.  I am available to provide comprehensive real estate closing services or representation of clients at closings facilitated by other firms.  Regardless of the size of the deal, the nature of the property, or the nature of the client, it is my goal to guide you to as swift and smooth a conclusion to your real estate matter as possible.  Having an attorney involved in the closing process will ensure that any potential problems are caught and resolved as early in the process as possible.  As your attorney, I am able to spot these issues and take steps to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Business Formations

I am regularly retained by individuals and companies seeking to create a new legal entity under which they intend to business of one kind or another.  After working with such clients to determine the best business form for their particular enterprise (limited liability company, corporation, partnership, etc.), I handle all aspects of the business entity formation process including name availability verification, filing the necessary organizing paperwork with the Department of State, and satisfying any public publication requirements associated with business entity formation.  In most cases, I can have a simple business entity created and officially in existence within 24 hours.

Lease Negotiations

Whether you are an individual or the representative of a for-profit business or a non-profit entity, chances are at one time or another you or your company has been either a landlord or a tenant.  A lease is nothing more than a contract that defines the terms and conditions by which your or your tenants may use use of certain property.  That means two things:  (1) Lease terms are negotiable; and (2) Lease terms can have both positive and adverse impacts on your or your company’s rights.  I represent individuals and companies with respect to both residential and commercial lease negotiations and disputes.  I can review existing leases to make sure you are getting everything you are entitled to under the lease and the law.  I can also represent you in negotiations prior to execution of a lease to make sure you get the best lease possible.  Finally, I represent both landlords and tenants in disputes concerning matters governed by residential and commercial leases.  My goal in all leasing matters is to maximize your position with respect to the property, and to protect your rights.

Criminal Defense/DUIs/Traffic Matters

While unfortunate, individuals and businesses sometimes become embroiled in criminal matters.  When this happens, I am available to represent individuals in conjunction with a variety of criminal defense scenarios.  I have extensive familiarity with the Vehicle and Traffic laws of the State of New York, including those statutes concerning moving violations and DUI/DWI/DWAI.  I know how to assess to these types of charges, how to counsel clients with respect to their options, and how best to steer these matters through the system.  There are a variety of ways to defend against or seek a good plea bargain in most moving violation cases, and even with respect to DUI/DWI/DWAI charges, there are defense options and negotiations that can lead to far better outcomes than you will achieve without representation.