Vehicle & Traffic Practice

I regularly represent people who have received a speeding or other citation alleging a violation of New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law.

At one time or another, most drivers will get a speeding or other traffic ticket.  Most people, however, think there’s nothing to be done about a traffic ticket but accept it and pay the consequences for whatever the ticketing officer accused them of doing.  Most of the time, that’s just not the case.   Whether you were pulled over for speeding or DUI, involved in an accident, or were ticketed for some other reason, the worst mistake you can make is to just accept the consequences of the ticket you were given.  

There is almost no circumstance when it doesn’t pay to fight a traffic ticket, but, you’ll need a qualified, experienced attorney to help you do it. Over the many years this office has been open, the vast majority of clients who have hired me to represent them in Vehicle & Traffic Law matters have achieved favorable plea bargains of their cases, resulting in substantial reductions of both the offenses with which they were charged and the penalties that could have been imposed.  Most tickets can, in fact, be easily and economically resolved by plea negotiations conducted with the appropriate District Attorney’s office by mail without the need for either you or your attorney to ever appear in court.

Don’t risk higher insurance rates or points on your license.

If you have received a speeding or other traffic ticket in Saratoga, Albany, Washington, or Warren County, contact me.  While past results are no guaranty of success in your particular matter, there is a good chance I can help you achieve a much better result than you would otherwise expect.